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GP Update Refresher Course - On Demand

The GP Update Refresher course ‘On Demand’ is a new format that has recently been accredited and we are excited that we are in a position to offer it to you. 

The course format offers a structured and practice-oriented update on all relevant subject areas of general medicine. The neutral and comprehensive programme is tailored to your specific needs in everyday practice life.

Participate from home or anywhere at your convenience. The videos are from our last face-to-face conference in January 2020 and you can receive up to 30 CPD points. You will have access to the videos for 4 months. 

What can you expect?

Check mark  30 CPD points

Speakers icon  Experienced approachable speakers

presentation icon  Short focused talks

handbook icon  Digital handbook with presentations

LS Logo OnDemand Plus access to re-watch the course for 6 months 

Target group

General practitioners, resident doctors, doctors in training and healthcare professionals 

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The On Demand course has been accredited by the CPD services, worth 30 hours of CPD points. 

Neutrality and transparency

The accredited scientific programme is neutral and takes place without any influence from industry. Support from industry (symposium) is provided only outside the accredited training programme and is always declared and disclosed as such.


We are looking forward to welcoming you!




 Lecture Speaker
Hypertension - Diagnosis and Therapy Dr Alex Lyon
Dyslipidemia Dr Alex Lyon
Update Cardiac Arrhythmia Dr Alex Lyon
Heart Attack - Post Management and Therapy Dr Alex Lyon



 Lecture Speaker
Tremor - Is That Parkinson's? Dr Benjamin Turner
Headache – Must Be Something in My Head Dr Benjamin Turner
Sensory Symptoms and Multiple Sclerosis Dr Benjamin Turner



 Lecture Speaker
The Itchy Patient Dr Virginia Hubbard
15 Skin Lesions – Test Yourself Dr Virginia Hubbard
An Update on Psoriasis Dr Virginia Hubbard


 Lecture Speaker
Addictive Disorders and Their Treatment Dr Peter Byrne
Depression Dr Peter Byrne
Psychiatric Emergencies (Case Studies) Dr Peter Byrne



 Lecture Speaker
Reflux, Dyspepsia and Other Upper GI Symptoms Dr Philip Woodland
Diarrhoea and Constipation - When Should I Be Worried? Dr Philip Woodland



 Lecture Speaker
Stress and Disease Dr Duncan Still



 Lecture Speaker
Asthma Dr Breda Cushen
Cough Dr Breda Cushen
Red Flag Respiratory Diagnoses Dr Peter George
Unexplained Breathlessness & Pulmonary Fibrosis Dr Peter George



 Lecture Speaker
Neuropathic Pain Treatment Dr Adam Woo



 Lecture Speaker
Nutrition / Malnutrition in the Elderly Dr Shane Roche
Geriatric Assessment in General Practice Dr Shane Roche



 Lecture Speaker
Crystal Arthropathy Dr Natasha Jordan
Rheumatoid Arthritis Dr Natasha Jordan
Dr Natasha Jordan



 Lecture Speaker
Urology Mr Giles Hellawell



 Lecture Speaker
Arteries, Veins, and Ulcers Mr Joseph Shalhoub
Hernia Mr Robert Hutchins



 Lecture Speaker
Obstetric Update Dr Shazia Malik
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Dr Shazia Malik
Menopause Dr Shazia Malik



 Lecture Speaker
Sepsis and the GP Dr Colette Coyle
Sensory Symptoms and Multiple Sclerosis Dr Ben Killingley



 Lecture Speaker
Update on Acute Kidney Injury Dr David Game
Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease Dr David Game



 Lecture Speaker
New Treatments of Diabetes Dr Harvinder Chahal
Thyroid Disease Dr Harvinder Chahal



 Lecture Speaker
Can We Eliminate Hepatitis by 2030? Dr William Alazawi
What Should I Do with Abnormal Liver Tests? Dr William Alazawi



 Lecture Speaker
Fever of Unknown Origin in Children Dr Protima Amon
Differential Diagnosis of Dyspnea in Children Dr Protima Amon
Visual Diagnosis and Treatment in Paediatrics Dr Protima Amon


Attendance Fee

   4 day course fee
 GP / Consultant / Specialist  £490.00
Doctor in Training 


Nurse / Health Profession


On Demand GP Update Refresher course 30 CPD

We invite you to book our On-Demand Plus videos, which is the simplest way to further your education conveniently from anywhere at any time. You can choose which video/topic to view at any device as often as you like for 6 months. The On-Demand videos are a direct recording of our accredited January 2020 course in London, St Thomas Hospital. Once you have viewed all videos, we will issue a certificate with 30 CPD points.

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